Thursday, August 23, 2007

Just Remembering

I think I had a hugely different idea of what a Las Vegas casino was like than reality before I had actually been there. I know they show a fairly realistic picture of them on TV shows, but to me, all I ever imagined was a huge room full of slot machines and video poker games. The first time we went was in 1996, for an IRC party. We mostly wanted to go to meet a couple of friends we'd been chatting with, but at any rate, it was our fist visit.

I was fascinated by the area that held all of the poker tables, it seemed like it was a totally separate casino, quite frankly. It was classy, and quiet in there, not the loud, craziness of the main area in the casino, with the flashing lights, smoke and noise. It just felt like something out of a James Bond movie and I couldn't stop looking over there. I'd be playing a slot machine and find my eyes drawn to the poker room. I have no idea why, I'm not a good poker player, and I never wanted to play while we were there. I think I just liked the idea of all of it, really.

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