Saturday, August 11, 2007


Apparently, while we were gone, Dawn took Morgan to the doctor because she had a mouth full of canker sores (yeah, I know, I wouldn't have taken one of my kids to the doctor for that, but she takes hers for every sniffle & sneeze, too). First off, the nurse told her, "Oh, he'll probably prescribe Valtrex, since that's for herpes & canker sores are just another version of herpes." Dawn looked at her & said, "Ummm no. Cold sores are oral herpes. Not canker sores." The nurse argued a bit, went & talked to someone, found out Dawn was right & did come back & apologize, but still.

The PA comes in & tells her that there's nothing he can do but give her a recipe for "magic mouthwash" consisting of Maalox & benadryl & that she ought to take ibuprofen for the pain. (yes, I know that a pharmacist will mix up a variety of this, but it contains a pain reliever and an anti-fungal as well) So, Dawn asked him if it was ok for her to use Campho-Phenique (which is what I'd have done instead of going to the doctor) and he looked at her & said, "What?" She was as shocked as I am that he has no clue what it even is. I swear it really does make you almost want to hire a medical malpractice attorney New York quick, doesn't it? It didn't instill a great deal of confidence in our local medical community in me, at any rate. Its not so much that I think he's a quack, but between him & the nurse, it does make you wonder a bit.


Ajlouny & Associates said...

I usually do a search on the internet to narrow down the symptoms before I consult with a doctor just so I have a basis of information before he gives me his diagnosis. Like to question their authority sometimes.

NYC Car Accident Lawyer said...

Canker Sores are hard to diagnose. I get them when I eat something like tomatoes or eggplants. One thing I do know is that they hurt.