Wednesday, September 30, 2009

It Makes a Mother Proud

I got a strange phone call earlier, it was one of Erin's friends, he said he had the wrong number & then he texted me a few minutes later, asking if I'd heard from Erin lately. I texted back & told him he should have asked when he called & told him I'd heard from him a few mornings ago, that he was in Savannah, Georgia & was hoping to leave that night for Florida. I figured he was just missing him & wanting to know that he was okay, until the friend called me again. Apparently, he'd gotten a call that he couldn't really understand, other than something saying it was an inmate call. He looked up the area code & was from Savannah, so he thought he'd better call me.

I looked it up on the 'net & found out he was arrested this afternoon, for jaywalking & begging. His picture was, well.. let's just say I wouldn't know him if I ran into him on the street. At least he wasn't picking up for boosting Ferrari parts or armed robbery or anything. I imagine they'll cut him loose in the morning. It wasn't a great gift for Troy on his birthday today, but at least for once, we know exactly where he is for a little while.

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