Thursday, September 03, 2009


I'm not sure if I mentioned in my previous post that Rhi moved back in with us this past Friday, but she did. I gave her a whole long list of things we expect from her if she's going to live here & she agreed to them. She even paid her phone bill & rent right away, which made things a lot easier for us. I'm really hoping she'll stick to the rules, because I want this to be a positive situation for all of us, with no fighting & tears, this time around.

Anyway, she was scheduled to work the day shift today, which means she has to be there at 10am, so as I was getting ready to leave for my walk this morning, I stopped by her room & made sure she was awake & then came in here & sat down for a few minutes. She staggered in & got a glass of water, came & sat down on the loveseat & started to take a couple of pills. I asked her what she was taking (we have a strict zero tolerance policy in our home regarding illegal substances), she said it was diet pills, (not prescription, more like ultra 90 and the like), mostly for the caffeine, so she could wake up. I just kind of shook my head & headed out for my walk.

Halfway through it, she texted me & told me she had thrown up very badly & was going to go to work late, so she could see if a little sleep would help, I told her it was probably the pills & when they were completely out of her system, she'd feel better. She felt good enough to go to work by about 11:30 or so, and seems to be doing well now. I did make sure to talk to her & let her know that she didn't need pills & that we do have coffee & tea all the time, so hopefully we'll have no repeats in the days ahead.

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