Friday, September 04, 2009

Shades of Autumn

It feels different outside these days. Yes, we still have hot, muggy days, but the nights are cooling down & the mornings have been outright cold. Dawn & I have both switched from wearing out tank tops while walking to wearing t-shirts & soon I'm sure we'll start taking our jackets with us. I'm just happy that I bought a bunch of pairs of track pants & yoga pants so my legs won't be cold.

Dawn & I went shopping together today, I really didn't buy anything other than some shampoo & conditioner and a set of sheets that match our comforter that were on clearance, but Dawn needed new walking shoes & dog supplies, so I went along with her. I found a super cute sweater that I want for the fall & a pair of shoes, too.. they even have a nice high heel, which will be the first pair of those I've wanted in many years. I'll pick both of them up when I get paid & then I'm saving the rest of my future checks for something else. I'm not sure what really, but I'd love to do something special with Troy this winter, maybe get away for a couple of days or so, who knows?

We're in the middle of a thunder storm, it's barely raining still, but the skies are definitely rumbling, and I have Tiny lying up here on the couch next to me. She doesn't seem to mind the thunder when she's outside, but it does scare her when she's in the house. I've been trying to downplay it & not give her extra attention lately, I hope it'll work.

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