Monday, September 07, 2009


You know, I find so many of my things out of place in the bathroom these days & food that ends up being gone long before I think it ought to that some days I feel like I need to install video surveillance equipment all over the house, just so I'm not being lied to anymore. I do care about other people using my hair products and makeup, the food really doesn't matter that much, other than stuff that I have set aside to use for meals, but I'd still rather have the truth when I ask about it.

Every day I think I remove one more thing from the bathroom & put it away in my bedroom so that it won't get used by anyone but myself. That sounds pathetic, I know, but I stopped buying the cheap stuff after the kids all moved out & I don't feel like I should have to share it now. I don't get into her things & use her makeup & such, she has no hair products except hairspray & I have my own. I would never wear her clothes, even if I could fit into them, so she isn't losing anything to me & all of my stuff gradually gets used up without me.

It doesn't seem to matter how many times I confront her about things, the next day it's something else that she's using. Last week it was my deep conditioner & the stuff I use everyday to help keep my hair color from fading, then it was my foundation & eye shadow, now it's the texturizer I use in my hair occasionally. Who knows what it'll be next?

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