Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Almost Autumn

We noticed this morning that the leaves are starting to turn on the trees on our walk. I'm excited, because as much as I love summer, I'm ready for the cooler, calmer days of autumn. I was able to get some really nice clothes the other day to wear for fall & winter & I'm excited to get to wear them, already. I had to, most of the rest of my clothes are way too big for me now. I spent a couple of hours today culling out the stuff that was too big & digging through my dresser & pulling out old favorites that I hadn't had the heart to get rid of when I gained all of this weight. I was thrilled to find that many of them already fit me again, and the rest will before very much longer.

I got new jeans, a nice pair of black slacks, some very nice tops & a cute Ed Hardy t-shirt. I didn't get anything printed with a tuxedo on it, or any shoes that were too young for me, I tried very hard to make choi that would be good for my body type & my age. I took a lot of advice from Troy when choosing & listened to my own inner voice, too. Troy was concerned because I didn't get a bunch of super warm things, but I really don't wear that type of thing, I usually just layer things, so I can stay warm or cool down if needed.

Anyway, Davy stayed several days in the hospital & ended up having to have surgery on his feet to remove the infection. I guess he didn't have a heart attack, after all, so that was good news. We were worried for awhile that his right foot would have to be amputated, along with his toes on the left foot, but they seem to have gotten it all taken care of. His mom had surgery to remove uterine cancer a couple of weeks ago & still isn't able to leave the hospital, so we're all still very worried about her & then on top of all of this, the town they live in, New Harmony, had to be evacuated the other day because a wild fire was threatening it. The smoke here was so bad that it was hard to breathe & it smelled so bad that all we really wanted was to wake up & smell fresh, clean air again (which we were able to today, finally). So, a lot has been going on, hopefully the bad times are behind us now.

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