Monday, September 07, 2009

Do You Feel It?

Is Autumn rearing it's lovely head where you live yet? Are the days growing slightly cooler? I know we're starting to feel it, it was so nice this morning when Dawn & I took our daily walk, the air was just slightly crisp and some of the leaves up the canyon are just barely starting to change. We need to start taking our cameras with us again, to capture the ever-changing beauty we see down there every day.

Rhi is doing well, she's still working, still loving her job. She's starting to plan for the future & decide what she wants to do each week. She said this morning that she was pretty happy living here now, which is a big improvement. I'm so glad she feels welcome here & is content now. She has had any repeats of taking those weight loss pills on an empty stomach and getting sick, so hopefully, she's done with that.

I haven't heard from Erin since August 29, so I'm starting to get a little worried about him. I know he'll call me if he's able, I just hope he's still able. I wouldn't be worried, but we received a couple of strange phone calls from some older man in Georgia a few days after we last heard from him that set me on guard & made me start worrying about him. I hope he calls soon.

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