Monday, September 07, 2009


I'm having a nice, somewhat lazy day. I had planned to get a bunch of housework done today, but you know what? I'm tired & ready to just relax & rest, it's a holiday, I deserve to enjoy myself and not be stressing myself out over the house for a change. Rhi doesn't have to be to work until 4, Troy is off & playing Farmtown, I'm sitting here bouncing around on Facebook, trying to catch up from the weekend & seriously considering fixing my lunch & then having a nap.

I asked a question on another blog about suggestions for skin care. Apparently I still haven't narrowed down the best acne treatment for my skin type & age. I was wondering what all of you use, if you're still affected by acne at any rate. I currently use an apricot scrub in the mornings & wash my face with a cosmetic wipe thingy and night. Both work okay, but I still have periodic break outs, so do you have any ideas for me? I'm not interested in the super expensive stuff or anything I can't easily buy in a small town or on the net at a reasonable price.

Anyway, I think that lunch is sounding yummy right now & so is that nap.

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