Sunday, September 06, 2009

Oh Well

I went out looking for a lower rate on our car insurance & got a bunch of insurance quotes, but I guess we already have the lowest rate for our vehicles already. I'm not complaining about what we pay, we got a great rate & it's way lower than we were paying before we switched a couple of years ago, but I was hoping to go even lower.

I imagine that I'll find other places that I can cut back on, like grocery shopping. I buy a lot of name brand products because I'm picky & spent many years only being able to afford store brands. I decided that once we didn't have to buy them, I wasn't going to anymore. I can do it again, it won't make that much difference in the taste of things and will probably save us quite a bit. I have already cut way back on gas for my car I really only fill up once a month. I won't give up Weight Watchers or buying clothes as I need them, I can't go naked, after all, but I will keep it at a reasonable range, especially since I won't be wearing anything for very long until I reach my goal.

Other than that, I make sure lights are turned off when we aren't in a room & I turn off the swamp cooler when we leave the house or evening comes, I also haven't been watching as much TV these days, either. Any other ideas? I'm not great with this kind of thing.

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