Thursday, September 03, 2009

A Long Day

I feel like I've had a headache right at the edge of my senses all day. I've taken ibuprofen, allergy meds earlier & just now some cold meds, so hopefully something will do something, I can't take it much longer. Rhi came home from work this afternoon & went back to bed. I always know she really isn't feeling well when she actually comes home after work, because she usually hangs out with her friends until about 8 or 9 (or later). She also retreats to the shower or tub a lot when she isn't well, and when she took her 4rd one of the day, she accidently knock the handheld shower out of it's holder & it feel apart. She had a major meltdown, which I pretty much ignored, because I figured something wasn't working right for her in her room & wanted to give her some space. Troy & I went to buy ice & I got her a Diet Pepsi while we were out, and when I took it to her, she was a mess in her room, very upset over having broken it, thinking we were going to want her to move out. Troy wasn't able to fix it, so we went & got a new one, it's not like it was expensive to begin with & we'd had it a few years in hard water, it was to be expected eventually.

She's enjoying her job a lot, which is refreshing, but she does keep looking for something to supplement it with, since she doesn't get a lot of hours. I wish she'd take that CNA course, or maybe some medical coding training courses, so she could have an actual career to fall back on. Maybe one of these days she really will go back to school, I just know that I never did & am afraid she won't, either.

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