Friday, October 02, 2009

Out & On the Road

Erin called me yesterday morning, after he got out of jail. Apparently he & his girlfriend, Dani, had just sat down by the side of the road & put up their sign, asking for money for food when the police rolled up & arrested them. He told me that Dani's cell mate passed out and hit her head, but when she asked for a guard to come & check on the girl, it took 20 minutes before he came back and then he looked at Dani & told her it was none of her concern and none of his & walked away without even checking on her. That doesn't leave you with a lot of faith in the justice system, does it?

Anyway, he's okay and they were planning to move on either last night or this morning, so I can go back to only worrying periodically.

Are any of you watching "The Biggest Loser" this season? I haven't watched it in a couple of years, but since I'm on the weight loss wagon currently, I find it to be very inspiring, so I've been tuning in since the first episode. If you are watching and have been Tivoing it or something, there may be some spoilers in here, so just hit the back button, okay?

I really liked Tracy that first week, I felt bad for her when she ended up in the hospital and was so happy when they said she was going to be allowed to continue, because she obviously needed to be there. I was happy for her when she made it back last week & happy they both lost so much weight. I'm rethinking those feelings now. What she did this week has no place in this show, in my opinion. Yes, it's technically a game & the winner is rewarded, but it just isn't played that way. It upsets me so much when anyone treats the show like it's more about the game than changing lives and risks the other members like that. I will hate seeing Mo go, but it's time for Tracy to leave.

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