Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Dawn & Jason came by a new, big screen TV this week. They're both really happy about it, they'd been making due with their older one for awhile. I'm not sure if it's a flat screen, although I think it must be. They completely rearranged their living room the other day & moved the entertainment center and all of that. I was happy that they had a newer one, with a large opening, or they'd have had to get a new stand with plasma mounts on it, kind of like what we had to get when we upgraded our TV in January.

We bought our entertainment center in 1994, I think, and while it was perfect for us back then, it really wasn't going to work for a bigger TV. The opening in that wasn't going to hold what we currently have, no matter how creative we tried to be. It was looking old & tired anyway, and definitely needed to be replaced, I love the stand we bought, it fits who we are much better now.

I'm really happy & excited for Dawn & Jason, I know that it'll make watching TV a bigger pleasure for them now, and since Dawn wasn't even watching it anymore, that's saying quite a lot.

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