Monday, September 07, 2009

The Weight Loss Thing

I'm not sure if I've posted about my weight loss on this blog, or not. I may have been keeping it solely to the other one these days, I can't remember. Anyway, in November when Troy nearly died from gangrene in his gall bladder (and the gases being pumped into all of his other organs) we had a long talk about our health, eating & future. We decided that neither of us was prepared to lose the other to an illness that we had any power to control by changing our lifestyle right there & then. I never wanted to put Troy through the fear I was living with then & didn't want me to go through it again (and trust me, it isn't the first time I've been sitting there wondering if he would be coming home), so we hanged pretty much everything we were doing with our lives.

We both got more active, even though for me that was a months-long process to even be able to start, since I contracted mono while I was spending all of my waking moments at the hospital with him & was horribly sick all winter & into the spring. He started working out, I started walking every day. At first, we walked 7 days a week, and after we were well into it, we started taking the weekends off (by we I mean Dawn & I). We were all eating better & being super careful about what the food we were eating had in it & cut a lot of stuff out, like high fructose corn syrup and the like. I lost about 10 pounds through that process & Troy was losing like crazy. I was getting frustrated & down on myself, feeling like I was never going to lose enough weight to make a difference without surgery or using a diet pill like Avesil or something, but I joined a program to help me learn to eat better & live better & I'm doing great. Counting that first ten pounds, I've lost 47 so far & have gone down almost 4 sizes in pants & probably 2 in shirts.

I haven't talked about it a lot on my blogs, I've just been living it, it's not that I'm ashamed or anything, i just never felt like any of the readers I have really wanted to hear about what I ate today or how frustrated I was at losing nothing a certain week, or even gaining some, so I've kept it mostly it of here. I do occasionally post about my total loss & the story behind it all for those of you who don't know, but there it is, as of this week, I've lost 47 pounds. That was really the point of the whole post, to say that & since I wasn't sure if I'd ever mentioned it on here, felt I needed to. So, yay for losing!


Melissa said...

47 pounds! That's fabulous -- what are you down: two dress sizes at least. Well done to you.

Dyane said...

2 almost 3, I'm to the point of deciding to go to the thrift store to shop now, I go through sizes so quickly! *L*