Monday, August 24, 2009


They kept Davy overnight at the hospital, they were pretty sure he had a heart attack. It came out after he got there that he'd been having chest pains & shortness of breath since Saturday. Yes, he has a bad foot infection & they put him on IV antibiotics, but that wasn't why his feet were turning black. They seem fairly certain that he has a blockage somewhere that's causing that, because they want him to see a vascular surgeon.

We just heard that they'll be keeping him for another day to run more tests, but that was all we were told. Hopefully they'll figure it out before too long.

His mom is having a really hard time of things. She had a hysterectomy on Friday because she had uterine cancer. They got her up on Saturday to do some walking & she started hemorrhaging so they put her in the special care unit until yesterday. She was place back in regular care, but now can't even hold liquids down. So, we're a full of worry here this week, between the two of them & I'm sure that they all feel pretty helpless at not being able to be there for the other members right now, since Joyce is in Salt Lake City & Davy is here.

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