Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Still Alive

This past Saturday, Dawn & I took a drive to a town northeast of us, to visit her younger daughter, who's in a juvenile facility up there. We talked with her for about an hour & a half, then all of us were pretty much done & suggested that we let her get back to whatever she was doing before got there & we could head home (the drive is 1 1/2 hours).

We stopped off at the local KFC/Taco Bell to grab some lunch, since both of us were starving & it was way past lunch time. It was pretty funny, we've both slowed our eating way down & have started to pay a lot more attention to what we're actually eating & what it tastes like, so we're both pretty slow about it. She got a leg & thigh meal with mashed potatoes & gravy & a biscuit, I got a 3 piece strip meal with wedges. We started eating, each taking a bite, taking the time to chew it up and focus on it, talking a little, judging whether we were full or not.. you know the drill (or maybe you don't, but you get it). About halfway through her potatoes, she looked at me & said, "These are really gross when they get cold." and stopped eating them. I actually liked the wedges after they got cold, and they're the only French fry type thing I've found that I do still like, so far. We both ended up wrapping up part of our meal in a napkin & taking it with us - I truly felt like an old lady at that point, but we able to laugh about it. I've never had leftovers like that before in my life & I'm so proud that I do now.

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