Friday, April 25, 2008


I've been thinking a lot lately, about my first home as an adult and things that I've always wanted in a place, but have never (yet) had. This has most likely come about die to Rhi being so excited about her first home and moving out & all of that.

I've always loved exterior shutters, but have never had any, not even in homes I lived in as a child. We had a house that had interior shutters in my bedroom, instead of curtains, which is probably where my love of them comes from. I think it may have only had 1 or 2 in the room, but I really liked them.

I've always wanted a wild-looking garden in my yard, the kind that is planned, but doesn't look like it, with a lot of wandering paths, stones and fountains. I love gardens and watching the birds & butterflies in them. I want a gazing ball, a hummingbird feeder and a nice place to sit & relax in my yard. I think mostly, I just want a nice yard to call my own, you know? I'm getting to a point in my life where renting is no longer making me very happy, but there really isn't anything I can logically do about it.

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