Sunday, April 20, 2008

Gimme a Break!

I love all of my friends, and I love that they all seem to want to do fun things on the weekends, but I'm starting to think that I need just one weekend a month to just sit around and do absolutely nothing. I swear I get more worn out on the weekends these days than I do during the school week. I know I get a lot less sleep, for sure!

Dawn, Blake & Melissa & Jason are still looking for a place to move to, because Ryan is in the process of moving to Las Vegas and they can't afford to stay there very much longer. They found the perfect house, which is pretty close to us, has enough bedrooms and living space & huge back yard with a garage, but they haven't heard back from the landlord on it yet. It had a few nifty features to it, too. It has a screened in back porch, which would be perfect for hanging out & visiting in the summer, built-in wine racks in the kitchen, a lot of cool stonework in the entryway & family room downstairs & a huge pantry/laundry room. I really do hope they get that one, it's so perfect for them.

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Theresa said...

Good luck to your friends on that house! I know what you mean about having just one weekend to relax! *sigh*