Saturday, March 29, 2008

Making Progress

I was so proud of myself yesterday! I took Rhi out to lunch at the local Chinese buffet & I didn't overeat! I took my time and stopped when I was full. I did find out that I don't really like tempura batter after all. I started to eat my sweet & sour chicken & the batter on the chicken didn't taste good to me, so I put it down after one, small bite.

This morning was also a bit exciting for me. I bought 3 pairs of pants on my birthday when I went shopping with my mom that didn't fit, so after I weighed myself (I've lost almost 15 pounds in just under 2 weeks), I decided to try them on. They all fit! They aren't comfortable yet, but considering that I couldn't even pull them up when I got them home, that's definite progress right there.

In other news, Troy & I (and maybe Rhi, she wants to, but plans change) are planning a trip to Iowa at the end of August, to go to his family reunion. I'm really dreading that long drive, so yesterday, I looked into flying & found some cheap flights to Des Moines, but we'd have to get a ride to Las Vegas & then back home if we went that route, and I'm not really sure where we're staying once we get out there. I think it would be cheaper to fly out & rent a car than it would be to drive, but another downside is that we wouldn't be able to stop in Pueblo to see Garrett. (I'm not even sure that's going to be convenient for him to begin with, anyway) I guess what we really need to do is talk to my mother-in-law & find out what the plan is so we can start making our own plans.

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