Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Done for Another Month

Yay! I got all of my bills paid for another month. I love being able to take care of everything online, it saves me so much time & gas that way. I used to hate bill-paying day, it would take us so long to drive all over the place, paying everything, and then buying money orders and stamps for everything that wasn't local and having to mail those. It seemed like it blew the whole day for us, really.

I'm always so thankful that our car insurance is only due every six months, because I remember when we couldn't afford to pay that much and had to pay it every month. The regular monthly bills that include our utilities and all of that cost enough without tacking an insurance bill on top of it, trust me! So, at any rate, we have enough left over this time to go & buy some new towels & I'm keeping mine in my bedroom, so that I always have a towel when I want to take a shower!

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Theresa said...

I agree that paying bills online is so nice! :)