Thursday, April 24, 2008


I got Rhi out of school early today & took her to lunch. After that we went to look for graduation dresses that she could also wear to her Graduation Dance on May 10. We found a really pretty (and totally her) dress at Beall's, for $45. It's black & white with bright green trim, and I got her some green shoes to match. She looks so pretty in it, and she actually found a lot of really pretty dresses that she just loved (a big shock for a girl that doesn't like dresses) and plans to go back and get later.

I helped her pick out paint samples and all of that, too, and I looked at HDMI-ready TVs for a future purchase for Troy & I, too. We really want a nice flat screen TV and they have some really good ones out now. Those of you who have them, what do you have & how big? What do you recommend? What should we know before we go out shopping for one? It was a lot easier in the old days, you know? I didn't ever frrl like I knew nothing about a TV before now.

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