Sunday, April 06, 2008

Getting Rhi Ready

Rhi will be turning 18 at the beginning of May & graduating on the 22nd. We're trying to get her ready for the real world as seamlessly as possible. She plans to get a full-time job as soon afterwards as possible and then she and her friend Nicole are getting an apartment together. We're trying to get her car up & running, get it registered & some auto insurance for her so she can get back & forth to work. She went through her room about a month ago & threw a bunch of stuff away, so I know that she won't have to do that when she moves, all she'll need to do is pack up what she has & move it to her new place.

I'm not sure what we'll be using her room for, maybe it'll just be a guest room, or maybe I'll turn it into my office & have a place separate from my bedroom to work in. Maybe I can even convince Troy to move his computer in there & we can actually see each other when we're on our computers, for a change!

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