Sunday, April 06, 2008

Travel Plans

Troy & I are planning a trip to Iowa for Labor Day weekend & we plan to fly. I just barely realized that we only have one piece of luggage, and it's broken. So, I'm guessing we'll need to find a new set before we go. I don't have a to have a super-nice set like Briggs and Riley, but it'd be nice to have something that will last a little while.

We'll have to fly out of Las Vegas to even be able to afford it, so we plan to drive down the day before, stay with our friend Ryan (who's moving down there next month) and leave our car at his house. He'll drive us to the airport & pick us up when we get home. I'm pretty sure that Tiny is either going to stay at my mom's house (if she can get a long with her dogs), or in Dawn's back yard. It's only for about 4 days, so everything should be okay with her, either way. Dawn will come over & check on the cats for me, since Rhi plans to move out with her friend Nicole as soon as she possibly can, which means she won't be here to feed them & such.

I'm nervous about the trip, but I'm kind of excited at the same time. We had planned to drive, but Troy can't take that much time off & still be able to do the other things we wanted to & I don't think we can actually afford the gas to do it. The airfare is only going to be about $500 total for the two of us, and I know that gas would cost us more than that, plus food on the road & hotels, too. We can fly and rent a car way cheaper than that.

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