Thursday, April 10, 2008

A Week in the Life

Well, maybe not a week, but the past few days, at any rate. We started the school week off with Rhi getting kicked out of her poetry class. Permanently. Yes, she needed it to graduate. It wasn't her fault. She was talking, very quietly, to one of her friends & expressed her opinion that someone else's poetry project sucked, because it was very religious & I know very few high school students who appreciate that. She was called a bitch several times after her comment & when she looked at the class & said, "Well fuck you all, then." she was asked to leave the class & not to come back. It seems to me that the students who were calling her names & pushing her to react ought to be kicked out as well. At any rate, we ended up having to pay $40 for her to remediate the quarter of Humanities she failed (last quarter), which is fine. It's worth it for her to graduate. She was transferred to another art class for that class period, which, of course, id fine with her.

Troy's been working since Monday, as well. He'll have 69 hours, just this week and he'll be exhausted by the time Sunday rolls around. I guess it'll be worth it, but at times I wish they made something like miracleburn for energy. Something he could safely take, with his diabetes, to help him make it through these tough weeks. The poor guy is already tired, I can tell by his sleep patterns during the day.

Erin is talking about leaving town again, but I did get him to promise not to go until after Garrett's visit & Rhi's graduation, since those things are very important to them & they want to share them with their brother. He's living with a different friend now, so maybe that will be better for him, I'm not sure. He's complaining that there's nothing for him to do here, no matter what he tries. I'm not sure if that means work wise or if he's just bored, since I never get to talk to him for more than a few minutes & haven't seen him for any length of time since Christmas.

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Cetta said...

Religious poetry, in high school? Blah, it probably DID suck - and good for her for sticking up for herself, I say!