Friday, March 05, 2010

Excited for Spring

I know it won't happen around here until the end of May, but I'm so ready for consistent warm weather. I just want to be out, walking on the trail every day again, working in my yard & getting it ready for flowers & my garden. I want to cook out again & enjoy not having to hole up in the house all the time. I bought a cute lantern for our backyard & a sunshine garden stake today, they're both so cute! I plan to go & buy a couple more of the lanterns next week when they go on sale even further (our local craft store is going out of business). I want our outdoor dining area to be a great place to hang out with friends & family & plan to spend some money to make sure it is.

I think the most cluttered area of the house right now is our little office space, mostly because we have desks, a table, china hutch & a storage unit in there. Thankfully it isn't full of modern office furniture, because that would look so out of place in this house. This place is a cottage, and the interior reflects that, so we're trying to match that look with out own furnishings & decor. I do plan to paint some very modern pieces for the living room, though & that will punch the color up a lot, so I'm thinking a modern cottage look.

Anyway, we have a lot going on. We had a faire meeting today & are gradually getting our entertainers together & vendors are sending their applications back to us with their space fees, so, it's all looking good & getting closer all the time.

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