Friday, March 19, 2010

Great Friends & Good Times

We went out to Charley & Vicki's house last night after we ate dinner. We had been invited for dinner, but I forgot. That's okay, we had some cobbler with them & it was fantastic. We played a bit of Rock Band, which always makes us all laugh. We visited & basically just enjoyed spending time together.

Our friend Sarah is in town for awhile, working at the groom shop for Vicki's mom, and since she & her husband, Mark, live in Idaho now, we rarely get to do anything like that with her. Ryan & his girlfriend just broke up, so it had been awhile since we got to spend a lot of time with him, too, although lately we've seen him a lot more. So, even though Troy had worked a 12 hour day and had to get up & go again today, it was well worth it to spend time with all of our terrific friends.

They're awesome, because, while we may talk about some weird stuff sometimes, we all talk about things that matter to us, and not stuff like politics, religion or testosterone boosters that work, you know? We discuss faire, and what we want to do this summer (lots of camping!) and plans for the weekend. We tease each other good-heartedly & generally just have a great time together. They are the thing I am most thankful for since moving to Utah. It took us an incredibly long time to find friends like these & they were worth the wait, for sure.

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