Saturday, March 06, 2010

What a Relief

After we moved - well really much of January too - I had a terrible time getting my eating back on track. I felt like I had no self-control and would just randomly eat because I passed by something that looked good. I was buying chips and treat that aren't good for me & indulging pretty often. I never stopped tracking my points or anything, and I was trying to get myself back under control the entire time, it just wasn't happening. I know most of it was just a reaction to the stress of moving & filing bankruptcy and all of that, and the rest was just me rebelling after nearly a year of eating right & working out almost every day.

Back when I was still on the hunt for quick weight loss, and wanted a miracle I'd have already given up. There would have been no going back after all of that. I'd be packing the pounds back on right now & struggling to fit into the clothes I own now. I'm so thankful that I didn't let it derail all of my effort towards good health & fitness & that I'm back in charge now. I ate the way I'm supposed to all last week, we went to the gym & worked out at home, too & I managed to lose everything that I gained in my month of misadventure and all seems good now. What a ride that was, though.

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