Friday, March 05, 2010

Not While I'm Eating!

Although it may work for weight loss, I don't enjoy reading about, thinking about or seeing disgusting things while I'm eating. The kids used to try to gross me out by using bathroom humor at dinnertime, but I was pretty much immune back then & still had a thick skin from high school & the people I ate lunch with. These days, now that I have no little kids & my friends aren't competing to see who can be the sickest while we eat, I'd rather not read a colonix review during lunch. In itself, it probably isn't gross, but it would make me think of things I'd rather not right then, you know?

I have a pretty strong stomach, and I don't let much bother me, just not while I'm eating. I never really noticed changing that much as the years have passed, but I know I have, this is evidence of that & I know there are other things as well. I'm not shy like I used to be, or afraid of confrontation, and I know there are things I'm not even thinking about because they're just so much a part of who I am now.

How have you changed?

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