Friday, March 19, 2010


I got quite a lot done on the yard yesterday. I got 3 of the rose bushes pruned, although one of them isn't great, since it's so old & overgrown I'll need loppers for it. Half of the front lawn has been raked out fairly well, although I still need a better rake to finish it & I got about half of the flower bed around the evergreen bush in front of the house. Rhi went out later & gathered up all of the debris & threw it away for me.

I'm glad I got that much done, especially since it snowed again last night, although not a huge amount & it ought to melt off again today, since it's supposed to be in the 50s. i just want it to be gone by tomorrow, since we have a lot planned for the yard then & have to have time to get the back yard cleaned up so the kids can play back there.

The sky is clear & blue today & the sun is finally coming over the mountains & shining brightly, so I have hope for it, anyway. I really need to get off of this computer & get my housework finished, so i have the rest of my day free for other things, though.

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