Saturday, March 06, 2010


I remember when people who sold drugs were selling truly illicit substances, stuff that could really mess you up, you know? Maybe it's just that we live in Utah, or maybe it's a reflection on the times we live in where everything that feels illegal is more likely to sell, but whatever it is, it's strange. Someone actually offered to sell one of my friends some caffeine tablets. On the street, like a shady dealer, making no bones about what it was. Isn't that crazy?

I mean, I'm used to websites offering everything from Viagra to phentermine no prescription required, but they aren't selling caffeine like it was a big deal. I can go to any convenience store & buy a box of Vivarin for Pete's sake, and it'd probably cost less than this "dealer" was asking. It's gotta be Utah, were else would anyone try to sell caffeine that way, honestly?

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