Saturday, March 06, 2010

Great Coop Day!

We got to our coop on time this morning, but the truck still hadn't arrived, so we were told there would be a wait. Our pickup time of 10am got moved back to 11, which was fine with me, we weren't going anywhere else anyway. Troy decided to volunteer, even though he worked last night & was pretty tired, just so that things would go that much faster when the truck did get there.

I enjoyed my time in line, visiting with people & listening to what was on everyone else's minds, like what produce we'd get this time, how we were all trying to improve our health by eating better food, what weight loss pills so & so was on, who belonged with who & how the program works. We always have new people who are a little intimidated & confused by the process, and it helps to talk them through it & help them understand exactly how it'll work once we get going.

We got a lot of lettuce today & some nice spinach, asparagus, zucchini, cucumbers & cabbage, along with great fruit. We even got two packages of organic blueberries, which we were thrilled with! We got a bunch of bananas, so I'll definitely be dehydrating some more of those, they make good snacks for faire & are about the only way Troy will eat bananas. I also plan to dehydrate some more zucchini, I like to season them first & they make a great, crispy snack after they're dry.

I did have to go sit down before we got our basket, the sun was making me dizzy & nauseated, so I thought it best to go sit in the car for awhile. There was no problem with that because our stuff had already been set aside, since Troy was volunteering & when you do that, they give you extras. By the time he was getting our stuff together I was back out there, helping to finish it all up. All in all, a great morning at the coop!

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