Saturday, March 06, 2010


We really enjoyed watching the Olympics this time around. I know a lot of it was our HDTV. It has a larger screen, no glare & beautiful, clear picture and makes watching whatever we choose a joy. I got so used to our old TV & not really seeing what we were watching, that over a year after buying the new one, I'm still enthralled with it. We did a lot of comparison shopping when we bought ours, we wanted to make sure we got the best one we could afford & that we didn't didn't get screwed over because we didn't understand the terminology. I don't think we've ever researched a product as much as we did our TV, we looked at all of the brands, including the Samsung HDTV, all of the sizes & resolutions. We researched which size would be best for the space we were in (and it still works for this house, too). We checked out the different resolutions & how each would work for everything we use a TV for. It was fun & we left the experience knowing we got exactly what we wanted.

It rally has made a huge difference in how we watch TV, too and the pleasure we get from it. Sports are amazing, movies terrific & video games are just awesome (one of the main reasons we got a new one). Allin all, one of our best purchases of 2009.

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