Sunday, March 14, 2010

Another Sunday, Another Week

The past one was kind of strange, I think. Erin called me over a week ago, from Portland, Oregon. He was drunk & playing music on the street. He told me he was with a new girl & was having a good time. He called me again Friday to say he was at some other place in Oregon, with some people who had some sort of a truck. The new girl had stayed behind in Portland to help her best friend kick heroin & they were heading to Georgia in April to work at some renaissance faire. He apologized for having been drunk the time before, but I was just thankful he remembered he called that time.

Rhi spent the first part of the week in Las Vegas with her friends & hasn't really been around much for the past few days. She hasn't seemed herself & keeps talking about wanting to live in Vegas, although not to us. So, she either already has plans to move & is afraid to tell us or something else is up & she doesn't want us to know. I thought they'd be a little less nerve-wracking as adults. I was wrong.

Garrett has been in New Mexico this weekend, trying out for a TV reality show. He made it through the initial audition & is in the middle of his on camera interview, right now, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed for him. I'm not going to say which show it is, but trust me when I say that it'll change his life if he gets on it. Hopefully we'll know before too long.

That was our week.

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