Friday, August 21, 2009

Still Kickin'

I finally made it to the bedroom after my last post last night. I got there later than I intended, but I slept fairly well. I'm not feeling good again today & still really just want to sleep, but I'll survive. I did manage to get my dishes done yesterday, and today I'll sweep the floors in the kitchen & bathroom, maybe even get around to mopping, at least the kitchen, tonight sometime. I don't plan to do much of anything this weekend, I just want to catch up on my rest & try to get better.

We had gradually been getting our kitchen in shape & looking like we want it to, finally. We've been getting a little bit every payday, which was what I did with the bedroom, too. This week we bought dishes, rugs & a clock.I'd love to get the nasty, greasy wallpaper torn down this winter & get it painted in there. I want to buy some red glass tile for the area behind the stove, since we're painting that wall red anyway. There an area of wall right below the window that is pretty much ruined, so I thought we'd get some of that stamped tin looking stuff & put it up there, behind the sink. I think that would look pretty cool. We're almost to the point where that'll be all that's left to do in there. I think we still need to buy some glasses, since we have nothing to even give a drink to a guest in at this point and I'd like some new pictures in there, but other than that, we have nothing else to buy.

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