Saturday, August 22, 2009


These kittens are driving me nuts today. They're into everything & all over the place. I have to find someone to take them & soon. I was planning to keep one, but at this point, I'm thinking I don't want to deal with another kitten at Christmas, I have every year for awhile & I'm tired of it. I just get worn out following them around & keeping them out of trouble, honestly. I think I'm getting too old to deal with the shenanigans of baby animals. I have very little patience for most things these days & I have none left to spread around to little things that like to get into everything. I've picked up my mop more times than I can count, taken them off of the counters & out of the adult cats' food five or six times & cleaned up stuff that they've knocked to the floor as they climb up to the counter just as many times. I'm already worn out & it's only noon. I was a nap. I wonder if they have deal on orlando vacations for pet owners trying to escape?

Hey, don't forget to scroll down to my first post today, I need advice of the direction this blog should take in the future!

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