Saturday, August 22, 2009

Changing it Around

When I started this blog I gave it the name it has today, thinking it would be my last blog & that I'd keep the name forever, then about a year later I added a blog to my business site & then a few months later, I bought the domain & thought I'd move this one over there, but for many reasons I wasn't able to, so now I have two blogs with very similar names, this one and "Words of a Witchy Woman." I do try to talk about different things on each blog & this one was about Pagan parenting, and where I talked about my kids. Well, my kids aren't kids anymore, neither of them live with us currently & there just isn't enough that I know about either one of them to even post regularly.

I don't know if this one should be about empty-nesting & parenting adult children or about my journey to better health & weight loss (which, by the way, as of today, I've lost 32 pounds & 10% of my starting weight since May 24, without using weight loss supplements or a prescription). I really do need your feedback on this, which would you be more interested in hearing about? Should I combine the two topics? It would give me a little more to talk about that way, for sure, but are the two topics too far removed from each other to share a blog?

Do you have any new name suggestions? I'm just out of ideas right now, I've sat here all morning, trying to figure out something new & it just isn't coming to me. Any suggestions or ideas at all will be greatly appreciated.

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