Saturday, August 22, 2009

Must be Nice

I'm sitting here, feeling nauseated (it came on me all at once, no idea what's up with that) and watching "Flip this House," and the guy is redoing his Aunt's house that was damaged in one the hurricanes in Galveston (I think) and the contractor he hired went out & grabbed a bunch of day laborers off the street & then told him that he'd worked with them before & knew them. One of the guys flat out told the camera man that they'd only been there since the night before, so it's obvious he didn't know them before.

Anyway, the contractor & owner went to the store to buy new ceiling fans & light fixtures, which cost about $1500, which was really good, because they had estimated it would take at least twice that amount. It must be nice to be able to do that, I've had a fixture in my kitchen that we need to replace & have needed to for over a year & it's pretty much just hanging there, honestly. Neither of us have a clue how to change one, so we haven't. I need to find a friend that does & get them over here to help out, I think.

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