Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Playing Catch Up

It seems like I'm always behind on my blogs these days. I've been spending so much time trying to get my real life under control (which includes my house) that I don't spend a lot of time writing anything. We had a wonderful day the Saturday we went to Navajo Lake. We spent the first couple of hours driving around on Webster's Flat, out towards Zion National Park. We saw some absolutely gorgeous country out that way, I love seeing the beautiful red rocks surrounded by the bright green of the trees & grass, it's almost surreal at times.

We had our little picnic, watched Beth abuse her uncle Justin, took her on a couple of little walks & really just had a nice relaxing time together. Right before we were ready to come back down, Dawn did a beautiful rite, honoring Lugh & the first harvest & then we left.

We plan to get together soon with Vicki & her husband Charlie, to do another Rock Band day, since they're coming out with a Beatles expansion that allows harmonizes & up to 3 microphones. Dawn, Vicki & I both love to sing when we play, so that'll be perfect. I hope they have it for the XBox 360 platform, if they do, we'll buy it later on, too.

Troy & I got our china cabinet cleaned out the other day, got rid of a bunch of stuff we have no need for anymore & then went & bought ourselves some new dishes and some cute rugs for the kitchen. They had an apple design on them, which I chose because it was red (most of my stuff in there matches that, including the new red dishes). The next day, I was getting Rhi a new alarm clock for work & they had a super cute apple clock, so I got that, too.

I'm hoping we can get the living room & bedroom carpets cleaned this weekend, unless Troy is just too exhausted, since he's working 60 hours this week & worked 48 last week. If he is, it can wait, we're still box training kittens after all.

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