Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Still Kicking

I still have no idea what the white powdery stuff in my coffee grinder is or was & I haven't used it since I found it in there that second time (mostly because it kind of scares me, honestly). I don't even know if it's still in the house, because I haven't looked for it. I do know that Erin will be leaving town around May 1, to go to Denver. He'll be getting some sales training & then going to work selling satellite systems over the summer. That way he can pay off his fines & then figure out what he wants to do next. So, one more month of the strangeness & we'll be free, at least for the summer, if not longer.

Rhi is still trying to find a job & having no luck. She's just about ready to apply for disability & hope for the best, quite frankly. She will be starting school soon, hopefully & I'm pretty sure that out insurance will keep covering her as long as she's in school. I worry about her not being able to get her prescriptions, and she really has to have them. So, here's hoping that the insurance doesn't let us down.

At least we haven't had a lot of drama lately, which is always a good sign. Maybe with the weather getting slowly warmer neither of them will be bored & looking to make their own excitement, you know?

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