Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Status Quo

Things are about the same as they have been for awhile. No one is in jail, all three kids are still speaking to us and none of them are hurt, sick or dying. Some weeks, that's about the best you can hope for, you know?

Rhi's insurance coverage ends soon, so we're concerned about how she'll pay for her medication after that. It's not like she can just stop taking it, she's on Prozac & Depakote for her bi-polar disorder, she needs it, it helps to keep her alive, quite frankly. She's trying like crazy to get a job these days, she knows she has to start paying for it herself & soon, she knows that most of our extra money has been going towards Troy's hospital bill & that we can't just stop paying it. So, I'm worried about her & hoping she'll find something soon. If I could afford to pay for them I would without hesitation, they aren't optional, so you know it's just not in our budget.

Erin is still staying away, but I'm pretty sure that it's mostly because the weather has been much nicer & his friends are wanting to get out & do more things now & he's always up for doing just about anything that isn't staying at home. I think it's great, he's less likely to ddo stupid stuff when he isn't bored.

Garrett's paternal grandmother died on Sunday night & he's having a rough time. He has so many conflicting feelings about her. They were very close when he was little & drifted apart in her later years, when she started being hateful & cruel to everyone around her. He feels sad, guilty & relieved all at the same time. I went through very similar feelings when my own grandmother died last summer, so I can relate to what he's going through & hope he'll come to me if he even just needs to talk.

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