Monday, March 23, 2009

Crazy Days

I swear, parenting ought to get easier when you're finished raising them, shouldn't it? That hasn't proven to be the case around here lately. First we have the case of the disappearing coffee grinder & of course, no one is taking responsibility for it. I got it out the other day to use it, and there was a white powder inside of it. I figured it was dust or something, since it had been left open in the china cabinet, so I cleaned it out & ground up my beans. The next morning, I got up, and looked at it & it had the weird white powder in it again. I took the lid off, set it down & planned to ask Erin about it. I left with Dawn & when I came back, the whole thing was gone. I asked him about it, he got defensive & I dropped it. It reappeared that night while we were gone, mysteriously clean.

Tonight, Rhi was suicidal & I had no answers for her. I felt like I was dismissing her, but I just didn't have the words, so I called Troy & he talked her down. We had a few more scares when she wasn't answering her phone or text messages, but that got cleared up, too. I think she's doing okay now, or at least I hope she is.

I certainly earned my bed tonight, let me tell you. It may not be a sleep number bed, but it's mine & it's calling out to me now, so I think I'll answer the call & head off to slumberland. Goodnight!


Tuesday said...

Oh dear -- I am beginning to suspect that parenting never stops, I mean *really* never stops, just like aging.

Dyane said...

At least when they were still children, I could discipline them or make them go to the doctor.

mrsb said...


Nydia said...

I'm sorry it's been a time I don't come here. I'm trying to visit my friends' blogs more often, but I guess only when I'm at my house-to-be and with my onwn Internet connected it will be possible!
I just came to send you the warmest vibes, from a Brazilian witch who's just started the parenting thing and realized how hard it can get.