Sunday, April 19, 2009

Fun Times

I do have to admit, that no matter how frustrating it is to watch your adult children make mistakes with their lives & no matter how helpless that may make us feel, parenting has been an unforgettable journey.

We have had some hilarious times together throughout the years, especially when one of us misunderstands what someone says, like, "He was a Plano Dentist" and then one of the kids will say, "What's the difference between a plain, old dentist & the one we go to? Are they the same?" Then if they didn't say it clearly enough we misunderstand & explain that a Plano dentist practices in Plano & theirs practices here & they stare at us, dumbfounded. It can get pretty funny sometimes.

Yeah, there are times of worry & stress & sometimes I still lie awake at night & freak out about things that are happening in their lives. Rhi won't have health insurance after next month & I worry how she'll get her medication & what will happen to her if she can't get it. I worry about Erin & what will happen to him & how he'll change if he has to to to jail. I know worrying won't change anything & that I can't fix this, but I'm their mom & no matter how old they get, I'll keep trying to keep them safe.

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