Thursday, April 16, 2009

Poor Kid

So, apparently a local telemarketing company called Rhi a couple of days ago & told her they wanted to interview her. She set up an appointment for this morning at 8. I picked her up & came home, letting her take the car so I didn't have to sit out in the cold & wait for her. She texted me awhile later & was very upset & angry, but was going to check on a couple of other applications she had turned in at other places before coming back.

When she did get here, she told me she went in there & the guy she was supposed to talk to was very rude to her & acted like he had no idea why she was there. Then he informed her that they weren't going to interview her at all & had no idea why she thought they were. She left & sat in the car awhile crying. I am so angry that they keep treating her like this. She was done with that company after the last time she went in & interviewed, but they called her this time, so was pretty excited & hopeful about it. This guy has such a fat head that I think he needs to find the
best diet pills that are made & try to cure it before someone sues him & that company. He had no excuse to treat her that way, they may not be pleased with her performance when she worked there at 16 (when she was an undiagnosed bipolar), but she's still a human being & deserves a little respect because of that, if for no other reason.

I get so upset for her. She's trying so hard to find a job & stand on her own feet & no one will give her a chance. There are so many people that she knows that have screwed up worse than she ever did that keep getting hired, but not her. She can't catch a break with a net anymore. I'm really hoping things will turn around for her, soon.

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