Friday, April 24, 2009

The Furkids are Like Toddlers

Wow. I don't think I've yelled, disciplined & been quite as frustrated as I have been today since the human offspring were toddlers. Part of the problem is the kittens are almost grown & neither of them are fixed. You can yell at me if you like, but Buster, the male, isn't my cat, he belongs to Erin. Booger, I rescued from Rhi's house when she was manic & losing it last year, before meds. I never really intended to keep her, but no one else wanted her, Troy ended up in the hospital, bills started coming due & we have no extra money to do much of anything these days.

I haven't had any work all week, so I can't even say that I'll start saving up my own money to pay for it, it just isn't going to happen until we can breathe a little easier. I won't toss her outside & I can't afford to take her to the shelter (they charge $60) so, I guess we'll just deal with it & hope for the best.

So, I'm dealing with her walking around yowling, him following her & trying to mount her & Kaji staring at them like they're crazy.

Then we have Tiny. Tiny has been spending the warm days out in the yard. I take her some water & her food, hook her up to her lead (she'll get under the trailer, otherwise, & escape). She's been doing really well out there, unless loud noises happen, then she needs to come in. I took Rhi home a couple of hours ago & Tiny was fine out there, happy & not barking or anything. When I got back, she was nowhere to be found, but her lead was stretched across the yard & seemed to be going under the trailer. I called for her & she stuck her nose out. It was clear that she couldn't get out on her own, but she sure kept trying. She managed to get under there by squeezing under Erin's bike & was trying to get out over the lawnmower.

I ended up having to pull the skirting off, pull ger out, unhook the lead & then get it unstuck before we were done. So, now she can't go back out until that's fixed & Troy will have to take care of it when he gets home.

So, it's been a day.

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