Thursday, April 30, 2009


Erin got a bit of a scare the other day in the mail. He got a notice of arraignment in the mail that was post-dated on April 27. The notice stated that his court date was April 24, which meant he didn't show up. So, we were all pretty sure there was another bench warrant out on him & so he called today to find out what he could do. Apparently, whoever made out the papers, but that days date on it & not the actual date of his arraignment, which is May 19. So, that was a relief.

Rhi & I got into another argument last night, over something really stupid. She got a joke on her phone about President Obama, that I had gotten earlier in the day & wasn't amused by. She started to tell it, I told her I'd goten it too & didn't think it was funny. She screamed at me that it wasn't racist & that it was funny, I tried to explain that it didn't matter, it was anti-Obama, I was tired of those kind of jokes & it was my opinion that it wasn't funny. She screamed a little more & left. She did text me later & we worked it out, but it was certainly out of the blue & pointless.

I'm sick again. My back & head ache without ceasing. My eyes are gunked up. I'm trying to decide whetherI want to go out for the first of our Beltane celebrations tonight, or not. I probably will, but will want to come home as soon as possible an then I'll probably fall into bed. Blech.

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