Friday, May 02, 2008


Erin left Tuesday for Portland, with 2 of his friends. They think they're on the run from the police, but from what they told me, none of them were actually in trouble and certainly didn't need to run like that. I guess if it makes it more exciting, or justifies it to him, then it's okay. The reason that I'm angry about it is because he promised me he'd stay until after Rhi's graduation. My oldest son, Garrett, is coming out here on the 17th & really wanted to see his little brother, and Rhi really wanted both of her brothers to be a part of her big day. He also told Rhi he was going to hang out with her the day he left & had even said, after he told me he was leaving, that he still intended to. He never did & that really hurt her feelings. He called me Wednesday from Newport Beach, so apparently, they're taking the long way there, which I guess is alright if you have money to burn.

In other stuff, I've been thinking about saving up for a Lasik procedure. Have any of you had it done? Is it terribly expensive? How about the pain, is it really bad & if so, was it worth it in the long run? I'm just so tired of glasses & contacts, I'd love to not have to mess around with that stuff every day of my life.

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Theresa said...

I'm sorry about Erin!

I've had Lasik done and I wouldn't have changed it for the world. I love not wearing glasses or contacts. I paid $1800 an eye but that was shortly after the surgery was known about. I didn't have any pain that I can remember. it was a great experience for me.