Thursday, May 08, 2008

Some People.

Why do certain people have to make everything so official and difficult that it gets in the way of being a nice person? I belong to several dolling forums, and I try to participate as often as possible. i lost my login information to one of them & wasn't able to login for a whole month. By the time I was I had this mystery donation in my inbox & so I messaged the person who sent it to me & asked if that meant I could use it in my signature. Instead of taking a couple of seconds to say either yes or no, she gave me a response that took more time, to tell me I needed to ask the question in a specific forum.

Now, it wasn't as if I was asking her to provide me with recommendations for a good domain host, or a list of life insurance quotes, or even for her opinion on world politics. I was asking about something she sent to me. Now I've decided that I don't even care what the answer would have been, because I wouldn't ever display something in my signature that was made by someone that rude, you know?

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