Monday, May 12, 2008

Dreamy Weirdness

I took a nice nap awhile ago & had the oddest dream. I was in this huge, Victorian mansion, that seemed very familiar to me. That means it's probably in Pueblo & I've very likely seen the outside a million times, and maybe the inside, but don't remember it. Anyhow, for some reason, I was not only inside this beautiful house, I was working there.

It was either some sort of assisted living facility or a sanitarium or something, but there were stair lifts on either end of the building, on the beautiful, sweeping staircases. They looked like they had been there awhile, but hadn't been used in a long time, you know? I kept hearing some very loud & heartfelt sobbing followed a few minutes later by shrieks of laughter & I wanted to go up the stairs to find out what was wrong, but I couldn't get the stair lifts to work & for some reason, walking up the stairs wasn't allowed.

In the dream, I battled with myself over the rules and my ethics and finally ran up the stairs and the entire building was empty, dusty and in a state of disrepair. Then my phone rang & I woke up. I was a little chalked off, because I didn't want the dream to end, it was like a fascinating puzzle that I won't be able to solve now!

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