Friday, May 16, 2008


I think that when I do move into my parents' home (many, many years from now!) I'd love to turn their Great Room into a multi-media area. I plan to get a flat screen TV & they have a perfect place to hang one in there. I'd change the seating arrangement that they have in there now & get some nice home theater lighting, and a good sound system. Maybe I'd actually watch more movies that way. I probably wouldn't, but it'd still be great for watching TV, at any rate & Troy would enjoy the movie-watching.

I think I'd turn the other half of the room into an office, for our computers, that way, we could actually be in the same room for a change. That would be quite the concept, right there, it's been so long since we have, I'm not sure how I'd act. Anyway, all of this dreaming isn't helping my house hungriness, maybe I should just keep focusign on getting my bedroom clean, huh?

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