Friday, May 16, 2008

House Hungry

Lately, and I'm not sure what it is, I've been feeling really house hungry. I have started to feel like we need to get a place of our own, even though I know that it's impossible & that there's no need. It's probably because Rhi is so excited about getting her first place, and then Melissa keeps talking about when they were looking at Wilmington real estate, back when they wanted to stay in the Carolinas & wanted space for his 5 sons.

Vicki is always looking at places and has started paying off their debt so they can buy a house, so I guess all of this talk has started to make me think I'm a loser because I don't own a house at 42. I know I'm not, and I know that I'll have my own home eventually & I'm not in a hurry. I'll be inheriting my parents' home when they pass, and I know that every improvement they make now, is done with me in mind. It touches my heart and at the same time, makes me very sad to think of them being gone.

I think I'd move to another rental if I could find one that would let me keep Tiny & the cats, since we definitely don't need a 3 bedroom house anymore. A one or two bedroom would be fine at this point, really, especially with a nice, fenced backyard for the dog.

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